Ginetta G60 review

  • Ginetta sportscar driven
  • Price £68,000
  • On sale March 2012
What is it? The Ginetta G60 is the second road-going sportscar to come from the car maker that's more commonly associated with building racing cars.

Compared with its hardcore sibling, the G40R, the G60 is much more comfortable and practical on an everyday basis.

The G60 is an evolution of the Farbio F400, which was acquired by Ginetta when it purchased the company in early 2010.

Moving on from the F400, the G60 gets a new 3.7-litre engine, a carbonfibre body and a redesigned suspension rack.

What’s it like to drive? There's nothing in the way of driver aids, such as power steering, ABS or traction control, but the G60 is a surprisingly forgiving car.

The final production car should also bring improvements to the heavy steering – although it will probably remain unassisted – along with tweaks to the heavy brake pedal.

On the road, performance arrives progressively and smoothly, with the 0-62mph dash achieved in under 5.0sec.

What’s it like inside? The first of the production models reveals a simple, but smart fascia. Carbonfibre plays a big part, as does a neat Alcantara-style material that covers the steering wheel and dashboard.

A large touch-screen gives access to all of the in-car systems, which include sat-nav, Bluetooth and air-conditioning as standard.

The production car should have more space around the pedals which, given the shortage of space in the test car we drove, will be a welcome addition. It's easy to get comfortable in the driver’s seat, with good visibility, and plenty of seat and steering wheel adjustment.

Should I buy one? With just 50 cars due to be made annually, resale values should remain strong, and the small size of the British company means you should enjoy an intimate relationship with the people that built it come servicing time.

If you take the Ginetta G60 for what it is – a bespoke, fantastic-looking sportscar, then it shouldn't disappoint – there's even room for a couple of golf bags in the boot.

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