Multi-group child seats tested - Recaro Monza Seatfix

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Recaro Monza Seatfix
RRP: £124 to £150
Groups: 2/3 (from 15 to 36kg)

You get almost everything you could want for in a seat in these groups, apart from cupholders, plus some extras that you'll never have considered.
You can adjust the seat depending on the height of your child, of course, but how about integrated speakers and a pump-action, air-filled adjustment to alter the depth of the head section?

Ease of operation
It's exceptionally difficult to feed the seatbelt through the guide with the head section in the lowest position. We also found it hard to get the head section to lock into position when we raised it, although there is a height guide on the side to help you set it in the right position.

ISOFIX mountings worked easily, but make sure your car is compatible with the Monza by visiting Recaro's website. Head-depth adjustment is awkward to reach when the seat is installed, but it works well enough.

When most group 2/3 seats are less than £50, it's a shame to see one that costs well over £100, although you should be able to drag it down by shopping around. Even non-ISOFIX versions of this seat are almost £100.

There's a great feel to the fabrics on this seat, which really shout out quality. The plastics are robust, and the action of the ISOFIX mounting struts is reassuringly solid.

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