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For The hybrid version of the Lexus IS is cheaper to run than diesel rivals, thanks to its low CO2 emissions. We’d be surprised if the reliability and dealer service were anything less than excellent.

Against You’ll have to put up with an annoying drone when you rev the hybrid model – something you have to do, because performance is flat at low revs. Rear headroom is a bit tight and the infotainment system is distracting.

Lexus IS Saloon
33 5stars

The Lexus IS has its flaws, but the hybrid model’s low emissions make it worth considering as a company car.

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There are 8 Lexus IS versions available

Saloon 250 SE 4dr £26,495
What Car? says:2 stars out of 5
Saloon 250 Luxury 4dr £27,995
What Car? says:2 stars out of 5
Saloon 300h SE 4dr £29,495
What Car? says:3 stars out of 5
Saloon 250 F Sport 4dr £30,495
What Car? says:2 stars out of 5
Saloon 300h Luxury 4dr £30,995
What Car? says:3 stars out of 5
Saloon 300h F Sport 4dr £33,495
What Car? says:3 stars out of 5
Saloon 250 Premier 4dr £35,495
What Car? says:2 stars out of 5
Saloon 300h Premier 4dr £38,495
What Car? says:3 stars out of 5

Buyer's notes

Target Price team says:

The 250 variant of the Lexus IS makes no sense, but the 300h hybrid is worth considering. It sits between three and five company car tax bands lower than a BMW 320d Efficient Dynamics (depending on the spec you choose), while the most economical versions of the Audi A4 and Mercedes C-Class are even further off the pace.

Stick with entry-level SE trim and the IS is particularly efficient, thanks mainly to the smaller wheels on this model. What’s more, standard equipment is still far from stingy; you get an automatic gearbox, climate and cruise control, Bluetooth and a digital radio.

The IS250 comes with a three-year/60,000-mile warranty, while hybrid components on the IS300h are covered for five years/60,000 miles.

Reader test team says:

Lexus IS Saloon 300h Premier 4dr

I wouldn't buy a jacket that everyone else wears even if it is the best. While all my friends and family had brought a German brand I had to buy a…

Kim Liu

5 out of 5 stars

Lexus IS Saloon 300h SE 4dr

2 days in from a Mercedes C200 CDI, the Lexus is a completely different creature. I was wary because of the road test reviews reporting a "whining"…

Chris Ryan

4 out of 5 stars
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Lexus IS Saloon

Read the definitive Lexus IS Saloon review from the expert What Car? team. Check specs, prices and compare with similar cars.


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