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Lexus CT

2017 - present

The CT is unrefined, uncomfortable and outdated.

Lexus ES

2018 - present

Comfortable and refined with a hybrid engine, the Lexus ES cou...

Lexus GS

The Lexus GS is too cramped, expensive and unsettled for its t...

Lexus IS

2016 - present

The Lexus IS is stylish and beautifully put together, but it s...

Lexus LC

2017 - present

The Lexus LC is a flawed yet desirable GT car with a surprisin...

Lexus LC Convertible

2020 - present

Sounds amazing, drives well and beautifully made ins...

Lexus LS

2019 - present

Well equipped and distinctive but too flawed in key areas to r...

Lexus NX

2019 - present

Makes sense on paper, but the NX is disappointing to drive com...

Lexus RC

2018 - present

Thanks to its hybrid option and old-school V8 engine, the Lexu...

Lexus RX

2019 - present

The RX is comfortable and well equipped, but it's not as good...

Lexus RX L

2019 - present

Comfy and well built but hardly exciting


Lexus UX

2019 - present

An appealing hybrid family SUV with a plush interior, but conv...

Lexus UX300e

Lexus UX300e 2020