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Lexus LS
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Let’s paint a picture. You’re a successful businessperson who wants a big luxury car but you still have a social conscience. Not only do you want to look after the environment, you also want to stand out a little. After all, a big German barge is rather common.

If that sounds like an impossible task, you might not have considered the Lexus LS 500h. While the LS has historically been a cautiously styled shrinking violet of a luxury car, this one is something quite different to look at. It’s much lower than before and the roofline is a nod to the popularity of cars such as the coupé-like Tesla Model S. It’s certainly more exciting to look at than a Mercedes-Benz S-Class, BMW 7 Series or Audi A8.

In the UK, there’s a choice of just one engine – a 3.5-litre V6 that’s augmented by a couple of electric motors fed by a battery pack in the rear. That means low emissions for a squeaky clean conscience and low(er) company car tax bills.

Over the next few pages, we’ll let you know what it’s like to drive and be driven in, plus which trim makes the most sense. And, as always, visit our new car buying section to see if there are some tempting discounts in store.


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Lexus LS
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