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If you thought electric cars were all environmental piety and no fun, the Tesla Model S will quickly make you reconsider. Everything about it is designed to indulge, from the sports car performance to the sleek looks and jaw-dropping onboard technology.

All versions have four-wheel drive, and you can choose from three power outputs, with the range-topping P100D model featuring a Ludicrous Plus mode that will allow it to blast from 0-60mph in just 2.5sec.

But it’s not all about speed with the Model S; the 100D version has an official maximum range of 393 miles (dropping slightly to 381 miles for the 'ludicrous' P100D) and even the entry-level 75D should do up to 304 miles between charges.

That industry-leading range is a result of the Model S’s huge batteries, which need 30 hours to charge from flat via a domestic three-pin socket. However, get a proper charging socket installed at home or use one of the many roadside-charging points and that time drops dramatically. And if you use one of Tesla’s Superchargers, located everywhere from shopping centres to service stations, you can get an 80% recharge in just 30 minutes.

So, that’s the basic rundown of the Tesla Model S. But is it a genuine alternative to conventionally powered rivals, which include anything from a BMW 6 Series GT to a Porsche Panamera? Read on over the next few pages and we’ll let you know.

And if you do want to take the plunge with a Model S, head over to our new car deals page, where you could get a saving over the list price.


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