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Tesla Model X review

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It would seem Elon Musk is a very busy man. In between firing rockets into space and digging big holes in the ground, he’s also trying to revolutionise the luxury car market. While he started with a big saloon, there’s now the option of the Tesla Model X SUV.

Although Tesla is following the crowd in producing a sporty and luxurious SUV, it has distinctive looks and there’s plenty of innovation underneath, too. This includes Autopilot, electrically operated ‘falcon wing’ rear doors and a range that can top 300 miles, if the official figures are to be believed.

If you really want to put the ‘sport’ into SUV, at the top of the range is the P100D, complete with a Ludicrous mode. While it can be a near-silent friend of the environment, it can also go from 0-60mph in a gobsmacking 2.9sec.

It may be quick, but is the Model X as good as more conventional rivals such as Audi's Q7 and SQ7 or the Porsche Cayenne? Find out over the next few pages.


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