Used car reviews

CT Hatchback

Used Lexus CT 2011-present

The Lexus CT is a hybrid hatchback that offers low emissions...

GS Saloon

Used Lexus GS 2012-2018

Very generous standard equipment and hybrid power help the Lex...

Used Lexus GS Saloon 2005 - 2012

It's the most refined car in its class

Used Lexus GS Saloon 1997 - 2005

A spacious luxury saloon lacking in soul

IS Saloon

Used Lexus IS 2013-2021

The Lexus IS is stylish and beautifully put together, but stru...

Used Lexus IS Saloon 2005 - 2013

A fine car, but spoilt by the unsettled ride and noise

Used Lexus IS Saloon 1999 - 2005

It's a likeable compact executive car that's a sensible owning...

LS Saloon

Used Lexus LS Saloon 2003 - 2006

It's a superbly refined limousine, but it's expensive to run a...

NX Estate

Used Lexus NX 2014-present

The Lexus NX is not the best large SUV to drive but it is an i...

RX 4x4

Used Lexus RX 2016-present

A comfortable and reliable left-field alternative to the usual...

Used Lexus RX 2009-2016

The Lexus RX is stylish, practical and well equipped...

Used Lexus RX 2003 - 2009

The RX offers the luxury and refinement you expect of a Lexus...

SC Sports

Used Lexus SC430 Open 2001 - 2009

It's a bland, cumbersome car with limited rear space

UX Estate

Used Lexus UX 2019-present

The stylish Lexus UX should be reliable, but it's not as pract...