Can I get my car serviced during the second coronavirus lockdown?

If your car is due for a service during the second coronavirus lockdown, will you still be able to get it done?...

Car being serviced

The second England-wide Covid-19 lockdown is currently set to run from 5 November to 2 December. Although many non-essential businesses will have to close during this time, car service departments and garages are allowed to remain open during the lockdown, so you should be able to get your car serviced. 

Many garages are already busier than usual because they are still working their way through the backlog of vehicles that they couldn't service or MOT for six months during this year's first lockdown, so it's worth contacting your local garage well in advance of your car's service becoming due. 

Like many other businesses, garages introduced Covid-safe ways of operating earlier this year, such as no-contact handovers and vehicles being wiped down before and after they have been worked on, and they will continue to operate according to these guidelines. 

Ford showroom

During the previous lockdown the Government provided a six-month extension for any cars with MOTs due from 30 March, so that people didn't have to worry about driving without an MOT in the short term. However, with garages remaining open during this lockdown, we don't expect there to be another MOT extension. 

Although car showrooms will be closed during the lockdown, it is understood that online sales and 'click and collect' car buying services that were set up earlier this year will continue, so if you have a car on order there shouldn't be a delay in you being able to take delivery of it. 

As was the case earlier this year, if you are concerned about taking your car to a garage for a service, we would advise you to discuss and agree the protocols for how you will interact with staff in advance. 

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