Used Alfa Romeo GT 2004 - 2011 review

Category: Coupé

Section: What is it like?

Alfa Romeo GT (04 - 11)
  • Alfa Romeo GT (04 - 11)
  • Alfa Romeo GT (04 - 11)

What's the used Alfa Romeo GT coupe like?

Based on the same platform as the 156 saloon, the Alfa Romeo GT is a car that keen drivers will love driving hard – but only if the road is super smooth. If you encounter bumps or lumps, the front wheels begin to scrabble for grip.

The 1.9 JTD diesel engine suits the GT very well, as does the 2.0 JTS petrol. The great-sounding 3.2 V6 is quick, but has too much power for the GT's chassis.