Alfa Romeo GTV (96 - 05)

Used Alfa Romeo GTV 1996 - 2005 review

What is it like?

(1996 - 2005)
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What's the used Alfa Romeo GTV coupe like?

The Alfa Romeo GTV is a coupe that looks and sounds great, and is surprisingly affordable. A thriving owners' club offers advice and recommends specialist garages. The cars are quite rare, though, so you'll need to be patient to secure a good one.

The quick steering and raspy engines are enticing, but GTVs ride harshly and worn parts can make them feel vague and unpleasant to drive. If they're properly maintained, though, they are quite fun.

The interior looks cheap, and although Alfa Romeo improved it in 2003, rattles are still to be expected. In addition, the seats get shabby unless you buy a Lusso model, which has a leather interior.

Space isn't generous, so you'll need to be agile to get in and out neatly, and the rear seats are only roomy enough for children or bags. The boot space is tight, too.