Used Audi TT Coupe 1999 - 2006 review

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1999 - 2006 review
Audi TT Coupe (99 - 06)
  • Audi TT Coupe (99 - 06)
  • Audi TT Coupe (99 - 06)
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Ownership cost

What used Audi TT coupe will I get for my budget?

How much does it cost to run a Audi TT coupe?

Having been around since 1999, TTs are now becoming relatively cheap, and cheapest of all are the early left-hand drive imports from Europe. However, even the earliest right-hand drive models are now quite affordable. There's a good selection of older models in the trade, but for nearly new, Approved Used is the best route.

Running a TT, though, is another matter. All models are on a par with the Porsche Boxster when it comes to insurance, and look dear next to a BMW 3 Series coupe.

Repairs, too, will set you back a fair bit. Figures from Warranty Direct show that Audi dealers and independent specialists are among the most expensive, although on a par with BMW dealers and cheaper than Mercedes.

The one bit of good news is fuel economy, which can top 30mpg. The V6 is the heaviest on fuel, but even that should return about 25mpg.