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Used BMW 3 Series Coupe (98 - 07) review

(1998 - 2007)
BMW 3 Series Coupe (98 - 07)
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What's the used BMW 3 Series coupe like?

You won't be disappointed in the BMW 3 Series Coupe if you enjoy driving. The handling is sharp, involving and addictive, but there's plenty of grip and some useful electronic driver aids that stop it getting out of control. Even with the firm sports suspension, though, it rides all but the worst bumps in comfort.

It's also a terrific motorway cruiser. The excellent driving position and logical controls come into their own on long hauls and the cabin effectively shuts out external noise, apart from tyre rumble.

Whichever engine and gearbox you pick, you'll have plenty of power at your command, all delivered very smoothly. Drive more sensibly, and the engines are surprisingly frugal, too.

Inside and out, the styling is bland - too close to the 1998-2005 3 Series saloon's – but the quality of materials and rock-solid build are beyond reproach. So is the amount of space in the front.

However, this isn't the most practical of machines. Adults in the back will complain about the shortage of headroom, and the boot is no more than average, either.