Used Bentley Arnage 1999 - 2010 review

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The Bentley Arnage is a prestigious limo with massive performance and sumptuous craftsmanship inside.

Bentley Arnage (99 - 10)
  • Bentley Arnage (99 - 10)
  • Bentley Arnage (99 - 10)
Used Bentley Arnage 1999 - 2010 review
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What's the used Bentley Arnage saloon like?

'Magic carpet ride' is something of an overused cliche, but in the case of the Bentley Arnage it's justified. The car wafts along in a straight line with impeccable manners, but it doesn't mind being chucked into corners, either. The steering is a bit light, but the slick automatic gearbox is a joy, and the big Bentley handles very well for its size.

It's very quick, too; thanks to the 6.75-litre petrol V8, it hits 60mph in less than six seconds – impressive for a 2.5-tonne monster.


The Bentley Arnage is a prestigious limo with massive performance and sumptuous craftsmanship inside.

  • The Arnage has lightning-quick acceleration; a luxury interior and bags of standard kit
  • It suffers from poor fuel consumption and isn't very practical

Interior space front and back is okay, but not spectacular given the Arnage is nearly 5.5-metres long. The high seating position won't appeal to taller drivers, and the stunning views of the handcrafted bespoke wood and leather detailing may not quite make up for that.

Equipment levels are high, though, and there's a cracking audio system, which is handy for covering up the wind and road noise that intrude into the cabin.

Ownership cost

What used Bentley Arnage saloon will I get for my budget?

How much does it cost to run a Bentley Arnage saloon?

Buying a Bentley, even a used one, isn't cheap and it's worth taking a look at the running costs before shelling out for one. Just getting it serviced will be an eye-watering experience.

Official fuel economy figures for the R and the T are 13.7mpg, and that equates to closer to 10 or less in real life. A Mercedes S500 will give you twice that – and won't cost as much in the first place – but obviously lacks the cachet of that Bentley badge.

In percentage terms, the residual values aren't really better or worse than any other car, but that can amount to a lot of money when you've laid out more cash in the first place. That the Arnage is in the top insurance category, Group 50, is a given, mainly because of the repair costs if you're unlucky enough to be in a smash. Plus, there's the chance your posh motor will be targeted by envious thieves.

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Which used Bentley Arnage saloon should I buy?

Launched in 1999, there's only one engine, but two power outputs. The entry-level R's powerplant has 'just' 400bhp, but bolt on a couple of turbochargers and you've got the flagship T model and 50bhp more.

As for the interior, there are 27 colours of leather to choose from, plus another 16 as secondary shades, and we've not even mentioned the numerous wood options yet. All this means it's unlikely you'll ever find two cars the same. If there's something missing that you'd really like, Bentley will be more than happy to accommodate your wishes. Bespoke craftsmen will create virtually anything for you, including hot and cold running water in one model we saw. Just don't expect it to be cheap.

The rarity of Bentleys means you're not going to find scores of second-hand Arnages at your local used showroom. Your best bet is the franchised dealer network or specialist dealers.

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