Used BMW 3 Series Convertible 1994 - 2000 review

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1994 - 2000 review
Used BMW 3 Series Convertible 1994 - 2000
  • Used BMW 3 Series Convertible 1994 - 2000
  • Used BMW 3 Series Convertible 1994 - 2000
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Our recommendations

Which used BMW 3 Series sports should I buy?

Less is more when it comes with this particular BMW 3 Series Convertible. The entry-level 318i gives you most of what the car's about, and a sweet and willing 1.8-litre four-cylinder motor, while keeping running costs sensible. There's also a 323i with two extra cylinders and 170bhp to the 1.8's 115, and a 328i with a 193bhp 2.8. Both are great pieces of engineering, but it's hard to argue a case for them when the 1.8 does such a sound job and has much more palatable running costs.

Most first owners will have selected freely from the extras list, so see plenty before you buy, and choose one that's fully kitted out. Avoid any models without air-con or alloy wheels because they'll be tricky to resell for the full market price.

Watch out, too, for any brought in as personal imports and not to the same specification as UK-market cars because, again, they might be harder to resell.

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