BMW 7 Series (01 - 08)

Used BMW 7 Series 2001 - 2008 review

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(2001 - 2008)
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What should I look for in a used BMW 7 Series saloon?

The air conditioning has a nasty habit of packing up, while the electronic boot release mechanism can jam so make sure you check these things work when you test drive a potential buy.

Plenty of owners have also reported nagging electrical faults. In particular, the iDrive infotainment system contributes more than its fair share of problems. Be sure to spend time scrolling through the menus and testing the various functions.

BMW 7 Series (01 - 08)

What are the most common problems with a used BMW 7 Series saloon?

The engines and suspension seldom give trouble, but the gearboxes can fail so it’s worth investing in an aftermarket warranty; it will be a lot cheaper than paying for that kind of repair.

Is a used BMW 7 Series saloon reliable?

According to the What Car? Reliability Index, this generation of BMW 7 Series is fairly reliable by the standards of luxury cars.

Another thing in the car's favour is the broad network of non-franchise garages that specialise in BMWs, offering good work at knockdown prices. BMW main dealers often discount parts and labour by up to a third for cars once they reach four years old.


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