Used BMW 7 Series Saloon 1994 - 2001 review

Category: Luxury car

Section: What is it like?

1994 - 2001 review
Used BMW 7 Series Saloon 1994 - 2001
  • Used BMW 7 Series Saloon 1994 - 2001
  • Used BMW 7 Series Saloon 1994 - 2001
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What's the used BMW 7 Series saloon like?

It's starting to look a little dated now, but this version of the BMW 7 Series is reliable and enjoyable on the road.

The V8 engine has enough power to make for an entertaining drive, and while the 728 can feel sluggish when overtaking, all models have an unruffled, fuss-free five-speed automatic gearbox.

The 7 Series handles positively around tight bends, and at speed this car feels rock-solid, with well weighted steering.

Later models received side airbags in 1997 and electric steering adjustment in 2001 as standard, but throughout the car's evolution, the interior was always been comfortable and well put together, although the climate control is a little fiddly. Rattles and squeaks are uncommon.

The driving position is excellent, and added to that you get wonderfully supportive seating.

Interior space is ample, but the middle of the rear bench is raised, which means there's not really enough room to carry three adult passengers in the rear comfortably.