Used BMW i8 Coupe (14-present)

Used BMW i8 Coupe 2014-present review

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What should I look for in a used BMW i8 coupe?

As a supercar with a six-figure price when new, the i8 is the kind of car that owners tend to look after. Even so, it’s worth checking the wheels for scrapes and scratches, looking for any bodywork damage (particularly around the doors, which require a lot of space to open) and ensuring the tyres are in good condition with plenty of tread remaining.

It’s also worth assessing whether the car’s tiny boot will suffice, because it makes a Porsche 911 look like a Volvo estate by comparison. There have been three recalls concerning the i8 to date. The first affected cars built in 2014 and related to a possible fuel leak; the second was for cars built in October 2015 to address a faulty sensor that could cause the car to understeer when braking; and the third was to address a possible airbag problem with cars built towards the end of 2016.

Used BMW i8 Coupe (14-present)

What are the most common problems with a used BMW i8 coupe?

While some owners have had to return their i8s to dealerships to address warning lights, it tends to be for isolated cases rather than any faults that are common to all i8s. The fact the petrol engine has been proven in the Mini means it shouldn’t give any problems, the six-speed automatic gearbox is proving to be robust, and much of the other switchgear has been taken from other BMWs, so has been thoroughly tested.

Owners do however find the butterfly doors can be a real pain in car parks as they need a lot of room to open. As a result, many i8 owners will only park at the end of a line of cars to avoid the risk of somebody parking so close that they can’t open the door.

Is a used BMW i8 coupe reliable?

The i8 was not included in the 2017 What Car? Reliability Survey, but BMW as a brand only put in an average performance, finishing 17th out of the 32 manufacturers included. That placed it just behind Audi and Porsche, but ahead of Mercedes and Jaguar.

Ultimately it’s going to take more time to say whether the i8 proves to be a reliable companion in the longer term, but the early signs are promising.


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