Used BMW X1 2015-present review

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Used BMW X1 2015-present
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What should I look for in a used BMW X1 estate?

The BMW X1 is still fairly new and as yet, the long-term reliability of this model has been hard to assess, although it is worth noting that BMW as a brand did quite well in our recent reliability survey, scoring above average. Besides, even the earliest examples still have some warranty cover left.

There aren’t really any common issues with the X1. That said, we would suggest you check for diesel particulate filter (DPF) issues on diesel cars which haven’t ventured onto the motorway very often. The DPF needs to be up to temperature before it can regenerate, and this process is best triggered at a constant, higher speed. Check how the previous owner has used the car if you are unsure.

The things to look for are the optional packages which are desirable for those seeking the best used X1. Of the many which are available, we’d recommend searching for Navigation Plus, Driving assistance, comfort access and Apple CarPlay.

Navigation Plus adds a larger, touch-sensitive screen, heads-up display and free real-time traffic to the standard navigation system. The heads-up system is particularly useful because it displays speed and navigation information on the windscreen, meaning you don’t have to adjust your field of vision whilst driving.

Driving assistance was a very reasonable option when new and includes a lane departure warning system, along with the ability to apply the vehicle’s brakes before an accident. Cars equipped with this package also feature speed-limit recognition and high-beam assistance for the headlights.

Comfort access allows you to lock and unlock the X1 without using the key. Even the electric tailgate can be opened when the key is in close proximity to the car.


Used BMW X1 2015-present

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Is a used BMW X1 estate reliable?

Used BMW X1 2015-present
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