Used Chevrolet Tacuma MPV 2005 - 2009 reliability

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The Tacuma does a fair job for a fair price, but there's nothing special about it

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Used Chevrolet Tacuma MPV 2005 - 2009 review
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What should I look for in a used Chevrolet Tacuma estate?

As a rule, the Tacuma shouldn't cause you too many problems - it's as unexceptional in this area as it is to drive. Plus, the free servicing offer should mean that there's a good chance of getting one with a full service history.

Potential buyers should be aware that nearly 6000 cars were recalled in 2002 to tackle possible cracks developing in the brake pipes and leaking hydraulic fluid - ensure that this was carried out. In 2003, some cars had new fuel feed pipes fitted. The quality of the interior plastics isn't great, either, so look out for rattles in the dash. If you'll need to remove the parcel shelf frequently, be aware that you'll have to fold the seats forward every time, which is irritating. Overall, Tacuma owners are not the happiest bunch, In previous JD Power customer satisfaction surveys, the Tacuma hasn't shone, finishing well down the results table. Some owners felt the car didn't offer enough performance; however the dealer service and cheap servicing redeemed it.

What are the most common problems with a used Chevrolet Tacuma estate?

Is a used Chevrolet Tacuma estate reliable?