Used Citroën Xantia Hatchback 1993 - 2001 review

Category: Family car

Section: Ownership cost

citroen xanthia hatchback
  • citroen xanthia hatchback
  • citroen xanthia hatchback

Ownership cost

What used Citroën Xantia hatchback will I get for my budget?

How much does it cost to run a Citroën Xantia hatchback?

This is a cheap car to buy and routine service costs are easy to stomach, especially if you use a reputable independent garage. Their labour rates could save you up to 30% compared with those of a franchised dealer, according to Warranty Direct.

The Xantia is a below-average performer in reliability surveys, but Citroens are among the cheapest to fix. So, as long as you buy a sound model that doesn't need a string of repairs, it should be cost-effective. The diesels certainly will be. The best - and our pick - are the 2.0 HDi models, which should give 50mpg. The 1.9 TD and 2.1 TD are good for 40mpg, while the petrol versions range from a decent 39mpg for the 1.6 to a thirsty 24mpg for the 3.0 V6. The V6 - in group 16 - also hits you hard for 16 insurance. Most others fall into group 12 or 13, and the 1.6 carries a gentle group 8 rating.