Used Fiat Brava Hatchback 1995 - 2002 review

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Section: What is it like?

1995 - 2002 review
Used Fiat Brava Hatchback 1995 - 2002
  • Used Fiat Brava Hatchback 1995 - 2002
  • Used Fiat Brava Hatchback 1995 - 2002
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What's the used Fiat Brava hatchback like?

This characterful Italian hatch - effectively a five-door version of the three-door Bravo - caused quite a stir in its mid-1990s heyday with its bold styling.

The engines are very much part of that character, with a pleasantly sporty rasp, and even the basic 1.4 petrol (which was later replaced by a 1.2) gives lively performance.

Even when they were launched, the ride and handling rated only as average, and the five-door Brava is nothing like as sharp to drive as the Brava. And, whichever you choose, refinement is also poor.

Inside, the driving position suits most shapes and sizes and there's a fair bit of room, and a good-size boot, in the Brava. Best of all, the equipment levels are high and prices are rock-bottom.

That said, these aren't the kind of cars that past owners have cherished, so you should expect them to need regular repairs.