Used Ford C-Max 2007 - 2011 reliability

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One of the great all rounders. The C-Max is so easy to live with you might forget you're driving an MPV.

Ford C-Max (07 - 11)
  • Ford C-Max (07 - 11)
  • Ford C-Max (07 - 11)
Used Ford C-Max 2007 - 2011 review
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What should I look for in a used Ford C-Max MPV?

The C-Max is no stranger to workshops, as a few problems have appeared over time.

Some diesel engine problems have surfaced, usually with the turbo, along with potentially faulty alternators that need replacing. Some cars can occasionally drop into limp-home mode. This is potentially due to a wide range of problems, and it will require a garage inspection.

The bonnet attracts stone chips, and can start to look scruffy after a year of driving, while cabin squeaks and small electrical faults have also been reported.
The C-Max is known for wearing its front tyres quickly, so check tread depth and condition. Random electrical gremlins can include boots that open by themselves, clocks that need resetting and errant electric window mechanisms.

What are the most common problems with a used Ford C-Max MPV?

Is a used Ford C-Max MPV reliable?