Used Ford Cougar Coupe 1998 - 2002 review

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1998 - 2002 review
Used Ford Cougar 1998-2002
  • Used Ford Cougar 1998-2002
  • Used Ford Cougar 1998-2002
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Our recommendations

Which used Ford Cougar coupe should I buy?

Our favourite is the 2.5 V6. It's smoother than the 2.0-litre, gives better performance and has a pleasantly crisp exhaust note when it's working hard. That makes it a far more enjoyable car to own and drive and, to cap it all, there's not a huge penalty in economy over the 2.0-litre model.

Stick with the five-speed manual gearbox, though, as this makes for a more exciting - and faster - drive. The automatic simply doesn't cut it in a supposedly sporty coupe.

The 2.0-litre is dependable and will suit most drivers, but it's not even quick enough to keep up with hot hatches, so you'll need to adopt a more laid back attitude on the road.

Each car has its own trim level, but try to find a V6 model with the optional X-Pack, which has leather upholstery, a CD autochanger and metallic paint. You'll most likely be looking at independent used car dealers and private sellers now, because the last Cougar was sold new in 2002.