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What should I look for in a used Ford Fiesta ST hatchback?

This is a small car that will have been used in town and quite possibly on school runs so it’s worth checking the extremities of the car for any damage to its bodywork. Check carefully also the condition of the alloy wheels, as any kerb damage here could be expensive to set right.

The ST will have been used vigorously by some owners, so as well as taking care to do proper visual checks on the car when you’re buying it it’s vital to check for obvious signs of misuse. Check the condition of the smoke from the exhaust, for one, as this shouldn’t be too dark, and check the oil on the engine dipstick and the quality of the coolant. Check for leaks underneath the car, if possible, and also for worn tyres that might need expensive replacement. It is always advisable to insist on a full service history, preferably with a Ford main dealer.

It is a little too early in the life of this generation of ST for there to be reports of any specific problems, but so far owners only have good things to say. The ST is too new to have featured in our most recent reliability survey, but Ford as a brand finished in a mid-table 18th place out of 31 manufacturers.

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Ford Fiesta ST

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Is a used Ford Fiesta ST hatchback reliable?

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