Used car reviews

B-Max Hatchback

Used Ford B-Max 2012-2017

The pillarless Ford B-Max makes light work of putting children...


Used Ford C-Max 2011-present

The Ford C-Max isn't the most practical small MPV, but it is o...

Used Ford C-Max 2007 - 2011

One of the great all rounders. The C-Max is so easy to live wi...

Cougar Coupe

Used Ford Cougar Coupe 1998 - 2002

An inexpensive way into a purpose-built coupe

Ecosport Hatchback

Used Ford Ecosport 2014-present

The Ford Ecosport’s chunky looks are easy to fall for, but it’...

Edge Hatchback

Used Ford Edge Hatchback 2016-2019

It's spacious and well equipped, but the Ford Edge loses out t...

Escort Hatchback

Used Ford Escort Hatchback 1990 - 2001

Aim for one of the last cars if you're determined to buy one

Fiesta Hatchback

Used Ford Fiesta 2017-present

The latest Ford Fiesta is one of the best small cars and a gre...

Used Ford Fiesta Hatchback 2008-2017

Fun to drive and cheap to run, this generation of Fo...

Used Ford Fiesta 2002 - 2008

The Fiesta is a practical hatchback that you can buy and run o...

Fiesta ST Hatchback

Used Ford Fiesta ST 2018-present

Few cars are as much fun to drive as the Fiesta ST...

Used Ford Fiesta ST 2013-2017

The Fiesta ST is one of our favourites – a hugely entertaining...

Focus Estate

Used Ford Focus Estate 2018-present

The Focus Estate is one of the best cars to drive in...

Used Ford Focus Estate 2011-2018

The Ford Focus Estate is a good family estate car that's great...

Used Ford Focus Estate 2004 - 2011

A great estate at a great price

Focus Hatchback

Used Ford Focus 2018-present

The Ford Focus is great to drive, with tidy handling and...

Used Ford Focus Hatchback 2011 - 2018

The Focus is one of Britain’s most popular family cars -...

Used Ford Focus 2004 - 2011

The more conservative and more mature second-generation Ford F...

Focus Saloon

Used Ford Focus Saloon 2004 - 2011

The Focus saloon pretty much does it all - if you don't need a...

Focus C-Max MPV

Used Ford Focus C-MAX MPV 2003 - 2007

It's a practical five-seat car with a sparkling drive

Focus RS Hatchback

Used Ford Focus RS 2016-2018

The Ford Focus RS is incredibly capable and tremendous fun, bu...

Fusion Estate

Used Ford Fusion Hatchback 2002 - 2012

Tries to be a small MPV, but fails

Galaxy MPV

Used Ford Galaxy 2015 - present

The Ford Galaxy is fun to drive and huge inside, and, as long...

Used Ford Galaxy MPV 2006 -2015

The Ford Galaxy is a roomy and immensely practical MPV that's...

Used Ford Galaxy MPV 1995 - 2006

One of the best big MPVs to drive

Grand C-Max MPV

Used Ford Grand C-Max 2011-present

The Ford Grand C-Max has commendable ride and handling, but it...

Ka+ Hatchback

Used Ford Ka+ 2016-2020

The Ford Ka+ is good to drive and has plenty of room for four...

Ka Hatchback

Used Ford KA 2008-2016

Lacking sparkle when compared with more accomplished rivals, t...

Used Ford Ka Hatchback 1996 - 2008

A cracking car for new and keen drivers

Kuga 4x4

Used Ford Kuga 2021-present

The Ford Kuga is a likeable, practical and efficient larg...

Used Ford Kuga 2013-2020

The Ford Kuga is likeable and competitive, but some of its riv...

Used Ford Kuga 2008 - 2013

Stylish, but fails to deliver on practicality

Mondeo Estate

Used Ford Mondeo Estate 2015-present

The Ford Mondeo Estate provides masses of space and is a fine...

Used Ford Mondeo Estate 2007-2015

The Ford Mondeo Estate is great to drive and cheap to buy, but...

Used Ford Mondeo Estate 2000 - 2007

It's a highly competent load carrier capable of entertaining k...

Mondeo Hatchback

Used Ford Mondeo Hatchback 2014-present

It may be soon to depart, but the Mondeo is still wo...

Used Ford Mondeo 2007 - 2014

This Ford Mondeo is still one of the best family cars you can...

Used Ford Mondeo Hatchback 2000 - 2007

It's cheap, well built, reliable, spacious, and - best of all...

Mondeo Saloon

Used Ford Mondeo Saloon 2000 - 2007

It's cheap, well built, reliable, spacious and - best of all -...

Used Ford Mondeo Saloon 1993 - 2000

Compelling combination of driving pleasure, practicality and a...

Mustang Coupe

Used Ford Mustang 2015-present

The Ford Mustang more than lives up to its iconic status, than...

Mustang Sports

Used Ford Mustang Convertible 2015-present

With looks to die for and an epic soundtrack, the Mustang Conv...

Puma Coupe

Used Ford Puma Coupe 1997 - 2002

A distinctive coupe on robust Fiesta chassis that's big on val...

Puma Hatchback

Used Ford Puma 2019-present

The fun and frugal Ford Puma is a terrific small SUV that...

Ranger 4x4

Used Ford Ranger 2011 - present

Big, rugged and capable; the Ford Ranger is a good value pick-...


Used Ford S-Max 2015-present

A perennial favourite, the seven-seat Ford S-Max is practical...

Used Ford S-Max MPV 2006 - 2015

The Ford S-Max is spacious, comfortable and won’t cost a fortu...

Scorpio Saloon

Used Ford Scorpio Saloon 1995 - 1998

It's a cheap, cushy barge that's nice to be in

Streetka Sports

Used Ford Ka Streetka 2003 - 2005

Fresh-air driving and fine handling don't come much cheaper

Transit Custom Van

Used Ford Transit Custom 2012-2019

The top-selling Ford Transit Custom is easy to drive and spaci...