Used Ford Galaxy MPV 1995 - 2006 review

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One of the best big MPVs to drive

Used Ford Galaxy 1995-2006
  • Used Ford Galaxy 1995-2006
  • Used Ford Galaxy 1995-2006
Used Ford Galaxy MPV 1995 - 2006 review
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What's the used Ford Galaxy MPV like?

The Galaxy was developed alongside the virtually identical VW Sharan and Seat Alhambra, but it's a better drive than either. In fact, it feels more like a family hatch than a big MPV.

All the engines - most are sourced from VW - do a decent job but the Galaxy really excels for its blend of taut handling and quiet, long-distance refinement.


One of the best big MPVs to drive

  • It has a versatile cabin with up to seven seats
  • The seats are heavy to lift in and out

The ride can feel firm with only the driver on board and at slower speeds. However, it improves with a few people on board and becomes well balanced at speed. All the controls - gearshift, pedals, steering - have a well honed feel, too.

The comfortable driving position gives a good view and there's decent space in all three rows. The rearmost seats aren't the easiest to get at, though, and they're heavy to lift in and out. Luggage space is limited with all seven seats in use.

Ownership cost

What used Ford Galaxy MPV will I get for my budget?

How much does it cost to run a Ford Galaxy MPV?

By and large, it's an economical car for its carrying capacity. There are plenty around and that helps to keep prices realistic, while running costs are reasonable, too.

Servicing bills are broadly similar to those for its relatives, the VW Sharan and Seat Alhambra. According to Warranty Direct, you should be able to save 40% off the labour cost by going to a good independent garage rather than a Ford dealer.

Warranty Direct's data also suggests that, if anything does go wrong, it's likely to cost more to fix than, say, a Fiat Ulysse or Citroen Synergie, but about the same as the Sharan or Alhambra.

Insurance spans groups 11 to 14 for all models, apart from the hottest V6s, which are group 16. The V6 will also give mid-20s to the gallon. The 2.0 and 2.3s should be good for mid-30s, which is much more acceptable, and the diesels a very healthy 40-50mpg.

Our recommendations

Which used Ford Galaxy MPV should I buy?

There was a major face-lift in September 2000, so for a more up-to-date look, stick to cars made after then. And, check carefully how many seats any potential buy has: most Galaxys seat seven, but some only seat five while the plush ones accommodate six.

Whichever model you buy, air-con is essential, However, it wasn't standard across the range until February 1999, so be careful with lower-spec early cars. Trim levels started off in 1996 as Aspen, GLX and Ghia, before Zetec and LX models came along in early 1999. LX is best - everything you need at a more affordable price.

All engines do a sound job: the 2.8 V6 is swift but drinks petrol; the 2.0 and 2.3 petrols are perfectly adequate, although the pick of the range is the 110-113bhp 1.9 turbodiesel. It dishes out good pulling power yet returns 40mpg. There are also 89bhp, 128bhp and 150bhp 1.9 turbodiesels, but none has such a good balance of qualities.


What alternatives should I consider to a used Ford Galaxy MPV?