Used Ford Galaxy MPV 1995 - 2006 reliability

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Used Ford Galaxy 1995-2006
  • Used Ford Galaxy 1995-2006
  • Used Ford Galaxy 1995-2006
Used Ford Galaxy MPV 1995 - 2006 review
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What should I look for in a used Ford Galaxy MPV?

The air-con system is a real weak spot on the Galaxy, particularly on face-lifted cars made from September 2000 onwards. Give it a thorough test, because fixing it could well mean a four-figure bill.

The suspension can also give trouble - and not just on cars that have been used for hauling heavy loads on a frequent basis. So, always insist on a thorough test drive.

Likewise, on early cars, check out the electrics, as water leaks through the ventilation could affect them. However, this was cured on later Galaxys.

Even so, it's worth checking that all the windows open and close properly, that the alarm is fault-free and that the central locking operates reliably. Also check the wipers - a separate problem can make them reluctant to turn off.

Some 2.0-litre cars have had problems with the engine's electronic brain (the ECU), so check it runs smoothly. However, in general, the engines and gearboxes are robust as long as they are serviced on time. The brakes, too, give little cause for concern.

What are the most common problems with a used Ford Galaxy MPV?

Is a used Ford Galaxy MPV reliable?