Used Ford Scorpio Saloon 1995 - 1998 review

Category: Executive car

Section: What is it like?

1995 - 1998 review
Ford Scorpio Saloon
  • Ford Scorpio Saloon
  • Ford Scorpio Saloon
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What's the used Ford Scorpio saloon like?

Sure, the Scorpio looks awkward and ill conceived, but this is a very comfortable, spacious barge for only a little outlay of cash, either as a saloon or the slightly less ugly estate.

There's masses of room for five - some Scorpios even have adjustable rear seats - and all their luggage. Top models are well equipped.

The driver gets a good driving position and the controls are laid out intuitively in the conventional-looking cabin. In fact, these are among the comfiest front seats in the business - more like huge armchairs.

The light steering makes it a doddle to manoeuvre around town, but it can feel twitchy at speed. Similarly, the ride quality is fine and comfy in town, but the suspension wallows and floats at motorway speeds.

The Scorpio goes round corners safely, although it always feels a big, heavy car. If you love the sheer thrill of driving, you'll prefer a Vauxhall Omega.