Used Ford Ka Hatchback 1996 - 2008 review

Category: Small car

Section: What is it like?

1996 - 2008 review
Used Ford Ka 1996-2009
  • Used Ford Ka 1996-2009
  • Used Ford Ka 1996-2009
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What's the used Ford Ka hatchback like?

Here's proof that price can have nothing whatsoever to do with driving fun.

The Ka costs buttons to buy and run, yet it changes direction with the agility and speed of a Six Nations winger. There's minimal lean in corners or bounce over bumps, but the firm suspension still manages to dish up a well-damped, comfortable ride.

Less good is the 1.3-litre engine, which was dropped from the rest of the Ford line-up some time ago, and you can see why. Newer powerplants are easier on the juice, rev more cleanly and are less noisy at higher speed. However, it dishes up strong mid-range pull and, at motorway pace, wind and road noise are well suppressed.

Anyone in the front will enjoy a surprising amount of space in the practical cabin, but those in the rear suffer. You have to be a contortionist to get in and out of the back of this three-door-only car, and there's precious little room when you get there.