Used Ford Fiesta 2002 - 2008 review

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(2002 - 2008)
Ford Fiesta (02 - 08)
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What's the used Ford Fiesta hatchback like?

Ignore the forgettable looks; the Ford Fiesta is a great used buy. Its huge popularity when new means there are lots to choose from now, plus it’s inexpensive to buy and similarly cheap to run, making it a very sensible choice.

However, as well as being sensible, it’s also fun. The Fiesta is imbued with the impressive dynamics we’ve come to expect from Ford products, making it the most enjoyable small hatchback to drive.

True, there is a trade-off for the Fiesta’s sharp handling, and that's slightly firm suspension, but it’ll be an unusually rough road that makes it uncomfortable.

The Fiesta may not be particularly exciting to look at, but its simple lines have aged well. The interior is spacious, too, with decent room for four adults and a usefully sized boot, although the Volkswagen Polo betters the Fiesta for fit and finish.**


Ford Fiesta (02 - 08)
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