Used Ford Fiesta 2002 - 2008 review

Ownership cost

(2002 - 2008)
Ford Fiesta (02 - 08)
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What used Ford Fiesta hatchback will I get for my budget?

Your budget can be small here: from as little as a few hundred pounds for a well used, rough-looking example.

However, we'd advise spending upwards of £500 to get into a car that doesn't have moon-shot mileage or need a lot of work doing to it. A budget of £500-£1000 will deliver rich pickings for those looking for a first car for a new driver or an inexpensive second runabout for the family.

With so much choice you really can afford to be choosy, so it's worth seeking out cars with fewer owners because they are more likely to have all their paperwork – making it easier to check that servicing has been carried out regularly.

Ford Fiesta (02 - 08)

How much does it cost to run a Ford Fiesta hatchback?

A used Ford Fiesta should cost you very little to run. Servicing can be done anywhere, and it’s cheap. Consumables, such as tyres and brake pads, are all readily available and inexpensive, too.

Those services shouldn’t cost you anything more than £150, while insurance should be affordable as well; only the ST attracts higher premiums due to its sportier character.


Ford Fiesta (02 - 08)
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