Used Ford Fiesta Hatchback 1995 - 2002 review

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Section: What is it like?

1995 - 2002 review
Ford Fiesta Hatchback (95 - 02)
  • Ford Fiesta Hatchback (95 - 02)
  • Ford Fiesta Hatchback (95 - 02)
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What's the used Ford Fiesta hatchback like?

In this generation of Fiesta, Ford captured everything that was great about a supermini. It was, and still is, brilliant fun to drive on any type of road. And remember, this is where the amazing Puma coupe took its chassis from.

The 1.25-litre engine fights way above its weight, the 1.4 is another keen engine, while the 101bhp 1.6 in the Zetec S has just enough power for this warm hatch to be smile-a-minute fun. The non-turbo 1.8 diesel is sluggish, while the 1.8 turbodiesel delivers fine economy

The interior is simple, and Ford has a wonderful knack of placing all the controls just where they should be. The driving position, too, is excellent; all round vision is good and all of the controls are light and precise. It's a little cramped in the back, but the boot is a generous size.