Used Ford Ka Hatchback 1996 - 2008 review

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1996 - 2008 review
Used Ford Ka 1996-2009
  • Used Ford Ka 1996-2009
  • Used Ford Ka 1996-2009
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Our recommendations

Which used Ford Ka hatchback should I buy?

There's only one engine in the main line-up - an old-tech 1.3-litre petrol - but a revised version in November 2002 raised the power output from 59bhp to 69bhp. This is our choice.

We say 'main line-up' because a SportKa version arrived in 2004 with a 94bhp 1.6-litre engine and lower, stiffer suspension that sharpens its responses still further with minimal sacrifice to ride comfort. It's the nicest Ka, but it costs a lot more than the standard Ka and is no hot hatch.

Instead, we'll settle for a 1.3 Ka in Collection trim, which captures the Ka's main appeal - plenty of low-cost smiles per gallon - but adds a welcome dose of creature comforts.

The earliest cars (pre-June 1997) had no power steering so we'd give them a miss. Initially, trim levels ran from Ka to Ka1, Ka2 and Ka3, but later cars changed the badging to Ka (basic), climbing through Style and Collection to Luxury.