Used Ford Mondeo Hatchback 1993 - 2000 reliability

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      Used Ford Mondeo Hatchback 1993 - 2000 review
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      What should I look for in a used Ford Mondeo hatchback?

      Even the newest examples of this Mondeo will be long, long past their three-year manufacturer warranty by now, so you'll be on your own if anything goes wrong with them - unless you buy yourself a used car warranty. So it's good news that Mondeos are pretty robust and reliable vehicles.

      Claims made by Warranty Direct customers highlight the need to examine the suspension and axles carefully before you buy, as well as all the electrical equipment. The brakes, too, can also give problems.

      The engines give very little cause for concern, however, provided that they are serviced on time and to the manufacturer's standards, so look for a complete service history with your potential purchase.

      Above all else, remember to be very choosy over condition and history. There are so many used Mondeos for sale out there that you should settle for a first-rate example only - and nothing less than that.

      What are the most common problems with a used Ford Mondeo hatchback?

      Is a used Ford Mondeo hatchback reliable?