Used Ford Scorpio Saloon 1995 - 1998 review

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1995 - 1998 review
Ford Scorpio Saloon
  • Ford Scorpio Saloon
  • Ford Scorpio Saloon
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Our recommendations

Which used Ford Scorpio saloon should I buy?

Choose the Cosworth-engineered 2.9-litre V6 and hang the extra expense. It's a great engine and the smooth, strong power delivery suits the car so well.

Besides, for low-mileage use, the extra fuel cost won't be that punitive - and the Cossie 2.9 will be easier to sell on. Anyway, if you're a high-mileage driver, we'd recommend you get something newer, more refined and more fuel-efficient than a Scorpio.

Don't confuse it with the earliest 2.9 V6s (January 1995 to August 1996), which had 148bhp. The Cosworth V6 (January 1995 to July 1998) is significantly better and has 208bhp.

The 145bhp 2.3 petrol is a good second choice, but steer clear of the 2.0-litre models (113bhp and 134bhp) and the noisy, gruff 2.5 TD turbodiesel.

Or favourite trim, Ultima, brings the best of everything and is the most sought-after, although Ghia is pretty well stacked. Even the entry-level Executive trim is decent.