Used Honda Accord Saloon 2002 - 2008 review

Category: Family car

Section: What is it like?

2002 - 2008 review
Honda Accord Saloon (02 - 08)
  • Honda Accord Saloon (02 - 08)
  • Honda Accord Saloon (02 - 08)
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What's the used Honda Accord saloon like?

It tries hard to mix it with the quality German brands, but, despite a fine effort, the Accord is still more posh family car than executive saloon. Worse still, in trying to move upmarket, Honda has junked the hatchback version that was previously the best-selling Accord.

Now you get a big cabin and a boot. It's all very roomy and packed with kit, but just not as useful as a hatch. To compound the problems, the chunky screen pillars (to aid safety) and high-set windows towards the rear create blind spots and make reverse-parking tricky.

The dash looks classy and is loaded with buttons, but the feel of some materials lets it down. However, Honda has worked hard to create the right executive-car vibe on the move, so road and engine noise are hushed.

All the while, the car responds nimbly, grips well and feels balanced. The steering does most things just right, but lacks that final tickle of feedback that would make it spot-on.