Used Honda Accord Saloon 1998 - 2003 review

Category: Family car

Section: What is it like?

1998 - 2003 review
Used Honda Accord Saloon 1998 - 2003
  • Used Honda Accord Saloon 1998 - 2003
  • Used Honda Accord Saloon 1998 - 2003
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What's the used Honda Accord saloon like?

This is a car that hides its talents. Under that bland metal you'll discover revvy engines and a lovely chassis that responds keenly. It rides firmly but remains comfortable, although the high-performance Type-R is stiffly sprung.

It's also spacious, comfortable and well equipped. Even the cheapest S trim offers four airbags, anti-lock brakes, a full suite of electrical gadgets and air-conditioning.

Four Euro NCAP stars for protecting occupants in a crash and two for safeguarding pedestrians is a creditable score for a late-1990s model.

Wind noise is kept to a reasonable level, but the engines work best when revved hard. The racket they make when you do that is attractive, but it won't necessarily be to your taste.

Driver comfort is excellent and there's plenty of room in the cabin, although space to stow odds and ends isn't over-generous.

Cars with sunroofs lose a couple of inches of headroom, which can spoil things for taller drivers. The boot is big but the suspension intrudes to restrict the width, and this saloon is much less practical than the hatchback.