Used Honda Civic Hatchback 1995 - 2002 reliability

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It's incredibly well made and durable, but misses the twinkle of some rivals. Getting old now, too

      Used Honda Civic Hatchback 1995 - 2002 review
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      What should I look for in a used Honda Civic hatchback?

      A full service history is essential to prove that it has had the tender care of someone who knows what they're doing. Look for a receipt to prove the cambelt has been changed at 72,000 miles or six years, whichever is sooner.

      Warranty Direct reports the only major problem with the Civic is the clever rear suspension. It's not likely to become faulty, but needs regular maintenance to maintain the Civic's superb handling.

      Also watch out for is a rotten rear exhaust section, which is easy to replace, although Honda parts are fairly expensive.

      Unusually, one thing to watch for is an engine that hasn't been revved high enough. The engines are designed to do this, but many owners are too easy on the throttle. A few high revs now and again are good for the Civic's motors - they can become sluggish without it.

      What are the most common problems with a used Honda Civic hatchback?

      Is a used Honda Civic hatchback reliable?