Used Honda Civic 2017-present review

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Used Honda Civic 17-present
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Which used Honda Civic hatchback should I buy?

In everyday use, the 1.0-litre petrol is all the engine you'll ever need, which is handy because it's also the easiest engine to find in the Civic; there are plenty around on the used market.

We'd look elsewhere if you want an automatic Civic, though; there are better gearboxes out there than the CVT you'll find on petrol versions.

We'd pay the extra you'd need to get into an SR model too. It gives you a decent amount of equipment, without costing quite as much as the top-end Civic versions.

Our favourite Honda Civic: 1.0 VTEC SR

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Used Honda Civic 17-present
Used Honda Civic 17-present
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