Used Honda NSX Coupe 1995 - 2006 reliability

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Honda NSX Coupe (95 - 06)
  • Honda NSX Coupe (95 - 06)
  • Honda NSX Coupe (95 - 06)
Used Honda NSX Coupe 1995 - 2006 review
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What should I look for in a used Honda NSX coupe?

As car manufacturers go, there aren't many more reliable than Honda. The Japanese firm has topped our regular reliability surveys a number of times in the past, and even when it doesn't win outright, it's never very far from the top of the table.

Although Honda's reputation for reliability is built on cars like the Civic and Accord, the NSX should prove to be no different if it's treated well and the 9000-mile service intervals are adhered to.

There are a couple of words of warning, however. The engine and gearbox are extremely complex, and if you're unlucky enough to buy a car that does have a problem, it could be a nightmare to fix - a very expensive nightmare.

Check the service history thoroughly for signs of past trouble, and a pre-purchase inspection would be a wise investment.

What are the most common problems with a used Honda NSX coupe?

Is a used Honda NSX coupe reliable?