Used Honda S2000 1999 - 2009 review

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Explosive performance. Good quality, but pricey

Honda S2000 Open (99 - 09)
  • Honda S2000 Open (99 - 09)
  • Honda S2000 Open (99 - 09)
Used Honda S2000 1999 - 2009 review
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What's the used Honda S2000 sports like?

It's a beautifully crafted two-seat roadster, but the 2.0-litre 237bhp engine is the real star of the show. Rev it past 8000rpm and it'll pull to 60mph in under 6sec. However, you need to work it very hard to get at the power - at low revs it feels relatively tame - and that reduces the opportunities you'll get to tap its full potential.

The S2000 is well made and looks every inch the performance roadster. But drive one and you'll find it less supple to ride in than a BMW Z4, while the Honda's steering is also second best.


Explosive performance. Good quality, but pricey

  • Fantastic engine
  • Smart cabin has leather seats
  • Rides stiffly and steering feels rather numb

The cabin is snug, strictly for two and not all that great for the tall and broad. There's no height adjustment on the steering or the driver's seat. Otherwise, it's well equipped: alloy wheels, an electrically operated hood, air-con and leather seats all come as standard, as do anti-lock brakes and twin front airbags.

Ownership cost

What used Honda S2000 sports will I get for my budget?

How much does it cost to run a Honda S2000 sports?

Insurance is expensive. Depending on which company you contact, the S2000 is rated in group 19 or 20, putting it into the same bracket as Ferraris and Porsches.

Depreciation is something of a double-edged sword. The S2000 loses value slowly from new, so a three-year-old S2000 is still worth almost two-thirds of what it originally cost - and that's as good as it gets. Honda's excellent reputation for building cars that last means older ones still fetch good prices. However, that means your car won't have lost much value when you come to sell it on.

Servicing and spares are reasonable for such a high-performance car, although fuel economy of 28mpg overall is disappointing for a 2.0-litre engine. Use its full performance, though, and that figure will drop even further.

Tyres will also wear quickly. It's worth paying for quality tyres with the correct speed rating - and they won't be cheap. Several makes offer suitable rubber, though, so prices should stay competitive.

Our recommendations

Which used Honda S2000 sports should I buy?

Opt for the GT over the standard model and you should get a hard top, in addition to the standard electric hood. That apart, there's no other choice of models, nor of transmission - all come with an excellent six-speed manual gearbox. The standard specification for the car is excellent and you get a starter button and racing-style drilled pedals.

In other words, all you have to worry about is finding one in the right colour and in the right condition.


What alternatives should I consider to a used Honda S2000 sports?