Used Hyundai Coupe 1996 - 2002 review

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1996 - 2002 review
Used Hyundai Coupe 1996 - 2002
  • Used Hyundai Coupe 1996 - 2002
  • Used Hyundai Coupe 1996 - 2002
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What's the used Hyundai Coupe coupe like?

It was billed as the Korean Ferrari when it was introduced to the world in 1996, but falls straight into the 'beauty in the eye of the beholder' school of design. However, if you want something different, this is right up your street.

Does it have a coupe feel? Not really. The interior is uninspiring and plasticky, and the car isn't much of an entertaining drive, either. It'll cope with corners adequately, but it's far from precise - or particularly fast. The 137bhp 2.0-litre version will give you a satisfying shove in the back, but the ride is lumpy, there's little feel through the oddly enormous steering wheel, the gearchange is notchy and rear visibility is poor.

To cap it all, the switchgear feels weedy and the whole cabin is claustrophobic and dark. The seats are also not supportive enough, but the Coupe can take four people without too much fuss, and the boot space is excellent.