Used Hyundai Santa Fe 4x4 2006 - 2012 review

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(2006 - 2012)
Hyundai Santa Fe 4x4 (06 - 12)
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What's the used Hyundai Santa Fe 4x4 like?

Put the Santa Fe on your shortlist if you're looking for a comfortable and capable SUV that won't cost a fortune to buy.

It's good to drive, with a smooth ride and accurate handling, yet it's also capable of mild off-road duties. The diesel models are refined with little wind- or road noise, while their power, size and weight also makes them an ideal towcar, which has made it a hit with caravan owners.

The option of two extra seats in the boot means that the Santa Fe can double as a decent people carrier. The extra seats fold down flat into the boot floor when not required, but legroom is limited, so they're best for children.

Despite all of its abilities, the Santa Fe has never been a big seller as a new car, so the supply of used cars is limited.**