Used Hyundai Tucson 4x4 2004 - 2010 review

Category: Large SUV

Section: What is it like?

2004 - 2010 review
Hyundai Tucson 4x4 (04 - 10)
  • Hyundai Tucson 4x4 (04 - 10)
  • Hyundai Tucson 4x4 (04 - 10)
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What's the used Hyundai Tucson 4x4 like?

You buy a Tucson because of its low prices. Even as a new car, it costs a lot less than its obvious rivals, but once it's used, it's a real bargain.

There's no shortage of equipment on any models, and they all have plenty of space inside. You can fit five adults in complete comfort, and the big boot - along with rear seats that slide forward and can be split 60/40 - gives it real practicality.

However, there are some areas where you can see where you're making sacrifices over a more expensive car. The steering wheel only has rake adjustment, for example, and some of the plastics look and feel rather low-rent.

On the road, too, the car is something of a disappointment. The steering is vague and there's more body roll than in, say, a Nissan X-Trail, although it is well controlled and the ride is composed at speed.**