Used Jaguar X-Type 2001 - 2010 review

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(2001 - 2010)
Jaguar X-Type (01 - 10)
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What should I look for in a used Jaguar X-Type saloon?

The secret to the Jaguar X-Type is to avoid early cars, which suffered from serious quality issues up to and including wheel hub failures. Later cars were much better built and the X-Type can provide years of faultless service if it’s cared for.

If you're considering a manual car and the clutch is heavy it will need replacing soon, while the interiors are prone to showing the effects of wear and tear, especially the front seats, which can work loose on their runners.

The bolt that undoes the locking nuts for the alloy wheel can become deformed, leaving you stuck if you get a puncture, so check to make sure it’s OK.

Jaguar X-Type (01 - 10)

What are the most common problems with a used Jaguar X-Type saloon?

Door latches have a habit of failing and need replacing, and likewise the remote central locking key fob can lose its connection to the car and has to be reprogrammed.

If the chrome trim on the rear windows is loose, it means that both the trim and the glass will need to be replaced. Early cars tended to suffer from air conditioning failure.

Is a used Jaguar X-Type saloon reliable?

The biggest failure point is the drivetrain, especially the optional automatic gearbox and the transfer box for the four-wheel-drive system. A ‘clunking' gearbox, or one that doesn’t allow the car to accelerate smoothly, will need replacement, and check that the engine management warning light is functioning properly – if it stays on that could be a sign of gearbox trouble, too.

A howling or hooting noise from under the car is a warning that the transfer box for the four-wheel-drive system has failed and will need replacing.

The X-Type should always feel precise and stable on the road – if it doesn’t, or if it feels wobbly in corners, that most likely means that a radius arm on the rear suspension needs replacing. The suspension is also sensitive to alignment issues, and can chew through tyres if it’s not kept in line.


Jaguar X-Type (01 - 10)
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