Jaguar XJ Saloon (03 - 09)

Used Jaguar XJ Saloon 2003 - 2009 review

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(2003 - 2009)
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Which used Jaguar XJ saloon should I buy?

With diesel versions of the XJ costing more than most petrols, it's worth doing the sums to work out whether you’ll really save any money by choosing one, especially when you factor in the extra repair costs that may come with the diesel’s added complexity.

Unless you do more than 8000 miles a year, then, you’ll probably be better off saving the cash, and plumping for the V6 petrol. True, it’s thirstier, but it’s also considerably cheaper, meaning if you do fewer miles it’ll take you many years to recoup the extra a diesel would cost.

Petrol models give you the added benefit of a smoother engine with a nicer engine note that adds to the XJ’s wafty character. V8 versions give you even more power, but beware: they use a vast amount of fuel.

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Jaguar XJ Saloon (03 - 09)
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