Used Kia Sedona MPV 1999 - 2006 reliability

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This big, practical load-hauler is cheap to buy, but not quite so cheap to run

Kia Sedona MPV (99 - 06)
  • Kia Sedona MPV (99 - 06)
  • Kia Sedona MPV (99 - 06)
Used Kia Sedona MPV 1999 - 2006 review
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What should I look for in a used Kia Sedona MPV?

The Sedona hasn't fared well in JD Power customer satisfaction surveys, partly because owners have criticised the car's mechanical reliability and cited problems in the cabin.

When you're looking over a car, inspect the interior trim for signs of abuse and check the carpets, which become bobbly quickly. Some have been replaced under Kia's three-year/unlimited mileage warranty and many owners fit carpet mats to reduce the wear. If your intended buy has mats in it, lift them up and look - they could be hiding damage, not limiting it.

As for the engines, they can all give trouble, so check the oil's condition, look for exhaust smoke and pay attention to the sound and response of the engine on the test drive.

Severe rust can also be a problem, so inspect all the bodywork, especially the seams. Finally, ensure the rear sliding doors work properly, and be warned that a few Sedonas have had faulty air-con, while all tend to be heavy on brakes, particularly those used in town.

What are the most common problems with a used Kia Sedona MPV?

Is a used Kia Sedona MPV reliable?