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Advice for buyers

Kia Stonic 2019 front right cornering
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Advice for buyers

What should I look for in a used Kia Stonic estate?

Aside from the usual checks for parking dents and dings and curbed alloy wheels, there isn’t much to look out for. The interior is pretty tough, too, but uses lots of hard and scratchy plastics that might show scratches if it's been abused.

If you are looking at a Stonic from an approved used Kia dealership, then make sure they top the warranty back up to the full seven years as part of their approved used scheme.


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What are the most common problems with a used Kia Stonic estate?

Since it is still a relatively new model, the Stonic doesn’t have major issues to worry about. If anything untoward were to happen, then it should be covered under warranty.  

If you’re buying a diesel, make sure that the diesel particulate filter (DPF) light isn’t permanently on because, if it is, there might be a problem with a blocked filter or the sensor to it.

Is a used Kia Stonic estate reliable?

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