Used Land Rover Discovery Sport 4x4 2014 - present review

Advice for buyers

Used Land Rover Discovery Sport 4x4 (14 - present)
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Advice for buyers

What should I look for in a used Land Rover Discovery Sport 4x4?

There has been a higher-than-normal incidence of complaints about squeaks, rattles and other interior quality issues with the Discovery Sport, and while these might seem inconsequential, they’re sometimes difficult to solve, so if the car you’re testing is rattly and it annoys you, don’t assume it’ll be an easy fix.

Discovery Sport owners have also reported quite a few electrical foibles, so make sure you check all the electrics work and take note of any warning lights on the dashboard or odd behaviour from the infotainment system.

Discovery Sports are more likely than other SUVs to have been used for light-to-medium off-road work. That being the case, it’s worth checking around the lower bodywork for scuffs, cracks and other signs of damage incurred while off road.

Used Land Rover Discovery Sport 4x4 (14 - present)

What are the most common problems with a used Land Rover Discovery Sport 4x4?

As above, there have been a high number of electrical and quality issues reported, so keep an eye out for anything untoward and make sure you get any potential faults checked out at the earliest possible opportunity.

Diesel Discovery Sports are fitted with diesel particulate filters (DPFs) which need to self-clean. They can only do so on longer journeys, so check with the previous owner to make sure they’ve been used for longer trips now and again and make sure you continue to do so. Keep an eye on the oil level, too; if it rises, it suggests the engine’s been switched off while the DPF was self-cleaning, which can cause fuel to contaminate the oil.

Is a used Land Rover Discovery Sport 4x4 reliable?

Historically, the Discovery Sport isn't a reliable car. At least, not according to the latest What Car? Reliability Survey. Owners derided their Discovery Sports for a litany of faults, which left it languishing near the bottom of the large SUVs included in the survey.

Land Rover as a marque did just as badly, coming last in the manufacturer rankings, 31st out of 31 manufacturers.

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Used Land Rover Discovery Sport 4x4 (14 - present)
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